Artificially Intelligent People Operations Bot

Getting everyone on the same page

If there's one thing we've learned after 30 years in project management it's this: the number one factor in the success or failure of projects is whether or not everyone is on the same page.

That same truth applies to organizations. When everyone in an organization is on the same page, things will probably go well. If not, not so much.

But the labor required to get everyone on the same page—and keep them there—is hard. There are lots of moving parts, the least of which is being clear about what's on the "page" to begin with, what we call an organization's DNA.

DNA clarity requires more than employee manuals, internal websites, or company wikis. It takes constant, vigilant attention—more than many companies are able to muster.

Now there's Nia

Nia provides perfect consistency in DNA knowledge transfer.

She helps management sort out the details of the org's DNA, then reaches out to the entire organization to:

She talks with people where they live, in chat streams like Slack, Hipchat, Yammer, SMS and more.

And best of all, she's on the job around the clock, making sure that this crucial information doesn't become posters on a wall.

Put Nia to work for your organization today!